“Farming” experience in Overwatch will lead to an account of account

With the release of Patch 2.05 in the game there was an opportunity to create and configure your own matches in detail, and at the same time look for them in the new browser. And while some users simply had fun, inventing unique modes, others found that in this way you could quickly and easily accumulate experience, simply starting the match and remaining inactive. Now for this they will be punished by excommunication from the game and blocking accounts, which was announced by the director of the project Jeff Kaplan.

«Well, let me look into this gray area and clearly divide it into black and white, — Jeff said. — Abuse and operation of the Custom Game mode or any other mode to gain experience in Overwatch, remaining inactive — Unacceptable». Steps are different: from soft ones, such as refusing to issue experience for the user version of the Skirmish mode and introduction of the activity timer, to very stiff — Blocking accounts. All the players also warned that they did not call their games in such a way that this could give at least some hint of the possibility of a dishonest set of experience.

Blizzard notes that if current measures do not help, the company may completely block the set of experience in user modes. Well, the reaction of the developers itself is quite expected. Recall that experience affects levels, for each of which players receive containers with cosmetic objects for heroes. The same containers are sold for real money, so any cranes of this kind — Direct blow to the company’s income.


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