College student made his dental implants on a 3D printer

24-year-old student of Dudley Amos from childhood experienced psychological problems due to improper bite, which is why he was always shy about his smile. Buying special corrective transparent braces can cost up to $ 8,000. Without having such an amount, Dudley himself decided to correct his natural drawback, having met 60 dollars.

That is how much the material from which he was going to make, or rather print its corrective dental implants at home on a 3D printer of its own production. However, to make the product better, Dudley decided to use the printer of the New Jersey Technological Institute, where he is currently studying.

Corrective caps

To scan the jaws and manufacture of blinds, he used NJIT equipment, and as a material – a special non -toxic plastic. The main problem was to ensure the perfect correspondence between the upper and lower teeth, or, in other words, so that they do not interfere with each other.

Before and after

It is easy to guess what feelings Dudley experienced when he installed a home -made plastic implant in his mouth.

“I was very worried about a possible mistake in the calculations, but it all ended well. It was a glorious moment in my life “.

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