A flash drive in the form of a little hard drive

They say that the soldier who does not dream of becoming a general is bad. Apparently, this is true for flash drives. If flash drives could speak, they would certainly express a desire to someday in a future life to become Winchests. Although in the original form they have a lot of advantages, with their modest dimensions, flash drives are conveniently sitting in USB-shares, and they do not need to be defragment.

In this regard, the ironic idea of a flash drive in the hard disk body, a modest toy with something like a philosophical connotation is quite meaningful. A pleasant addition is a blue LED backlight along the perimeter of the upper cover, it lights up when connecting to a computer. At the moment, a hard drive flash drive is sold in the Amazon online store.COM at the price of 22 US dollars for an 8-gigabyte drive, the manufacturer is indicated by InfoThink.


A similar product was also noticed in the NewEGG online store.COM, and here two versions have already been on the virtual counter: 8 GB ($ 17.49) and 16 GB ($ 27.49), and TCELL is already the manufacturer. Tcell clarifies that these flash drives are performed in a shockproof and waterproof case, the original hard drives of these advantages are clearly not enough.


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