A flexible and stretched optical scheme has been created

Belgian researchers from the center of microsystem technologies have developed an optical scheme with unique properties: it is characterized by good flexibility, transparency and can stretch.

In the manufacture of the product, polydimethylsiglovsan was used — Linear polymer dimethylsiloxan. A core was made from this material for the transfer of light impulses, as well as the outer shell. At the same time, the outer layer has a smaller refractive index, which makes the light pass through the inner channel.

Laboratory tests showed that the scheme remains efficient even with stretching 30% of the initial length. It can be turned into a pipe of a small diameter or wrapped, say, around a finger.

Another advantage of development — High durability. The scheme retained its properties even after 80 thousand. stretching 10% length.

Researchers believe that in the future, their development can find use in flexible electronic devices and robotics. For example, such schemes could form the basis «electronic» skin for robots or provide an elastic connection between traditional optical data transmission channels.

Plans for commercialization of development are not reported.


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