“Flock” of mini-robots capable of drawing up buildings schemes

Robots-waits from «Special opinion» selected closer to the real world – Such an idea comes to mind when you get acquainted with the development of American scientists. The joint efforts of the California Institute/Laboratory of Jet engines, the University of Pennsylvania and the Institute of Georgia led to the creation of a compact robot capable of drawing up a building diagram, moving along it.

The development of the robot is part of the program of compact autonomous systems and technologies, which is sponsored by the army. The purpose of the program – Development of miniature, fit in the palm of your hand, cars that can penetrate the buildings and collect various information. The current prototype, which can be observed in the attached video, moves on rubber caterpillars and, using the on -board equipment, makes up the scheme of the building in which it is located.

The developers do not spread about the equipment of robots, but in the picture you can notice the antenna for wireless communication and a couple of video cameras, with the help of which a caterpillar «cartographer» Focus in space. It is interesting that several robots can work on one scheme (using SLAM technology), exploring various sections of the object – there is no leading in the group, each robot reports to others to achieve maximum efficiency. «When the first robot drives up to the intersection with another corridor, he says to the second – I’m going to the left, and you move right», – Gertinik Christensen from the Georgia Technology Institute gives an example.

Researchers plan to develop an air support platform that can find a given structure, determine the entrance points and «Put» On them are robots-intelligence. According to the developers, this will help soldiers when penetrating unfamiliar premises where opponents can hide. The developers do not give the answer to the question of how to protect the expensive robot from a bullet bought for a penny in the black market of the same opponents. However, the novelty has many peaceful methods of application that do not put the robot at risk of destruction.


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