A fifth of the Americans speaks for a 4-inch iPhone

Against the backdrop of rumors that regularly appear on the network about Apple’s intention to release a 4-inch iPhone investment company Piper Jaffray conducted a public opinion polling to find out how many Americans would prefer to purchase a smartphone of just such a size.

With the opinion that 4 inches — This is an ideal diagonal for the iPhone, 20.3 % of respondents agreed, for 4.7” 31.2 % voted, and 27.2 % of consumers preferred a 5.5-inch screen in «Apple» smartphone. The remaining 21.2 % called other diagonals with which the iPhone was never produced. In total, 1077 people took part in the survey.

iPhone 5s and 5C have become the last Apple smartphones with 4

iPhone 5s and 5C have become the last Apple smartphones with 4 displays

According to the analyst Gene Munster, the study by Piper Jaffray shows that the appearance of a 4-inch iPhone, if any, will not have a significant impact on Apple sales. Manster is sure that those 20 % of the respondents who spoke out for the option with 4” The display is the owners of one of the old iPhone models, and as soon as they acquire a newer device with a larger matrix, they will most likely change their opinion. Recall that the latter IPhone 5S and 5C are considered to be the latter to date with 4-inch Apple smartphones, and starting from the iPhone 6 generation, Copertinists offer their brainchilds in two sizes — 4.7 and 5.5 inches.


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