Community Transit – public transport of the future (5 photos)

The constantly increasing flow of transport in cities now is probably one of the biggest problems of mankind. While everyone is trying to come up with a way out of the situation and we can monitor one or another option. Perhaps this idea will be implemented. A transport system called Community Transit is designed to replace buses and taxi. Offering small booths instead of common compartment, the designer thereby creates a more secluded atmosphere for passengers, so they can better prepare for the working day, making all the necessary calls, and checking the papers. At the same time, there are enough space in the booths to accommodate a family of four. Navigation is carried out using the sensory panels built into the walls: the passenger needs to specify the destination and the system will automatically choose the optimal route. In addition, Community Transit is suitable for delivering small volumes of goods, for example, products to restaurants and goods to stores. The advantage of this form of transportation is that it needs to hire a driver – all that needs to be done is to indicate the necessary address when sending. In addition, since the doors in the booths correspond to their height and width, the process of loading and unloading will be less difficulties than in the case of vehicles. Another feature provided for by the creator of Community Transit is the use of a recently developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technological Institute of the system of transparent photocells that allow the use of windows as solar batteries.

Source: Etode

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