A full survival regime will appear in Fallout 4 next week

It is worth paying attention to the fact that at first, only Steam users who agree to receive beta-reinforcements of the game will be able to try out the converted regime. Only after some time it will become available to other owners of the game, including its console versions.

The list of changes in the mode was published on Reddit by the Shaned35 user at the end of February. Shortly after, Bethesda officially confirmed duckling information. In the current version of the game, Survival Mode is the most difficult of all six modes — With the greatest damage, the lowest resistance and the lowest chance of finding legendary items.

In the new version of Survival Mode, the following innovations will appear:

  • The ability to do quick and manual conservations will disappear. To record the game, it will be necessary to find a bed and oversleep for at least an hour;
  • Battles will become more dangerous for both the player and enemies. The inflicted and accepted damage will increase.
  • The ability to use the quick movement system will disappear. It will be possible to get to the desired section of the card only by overcoming this distance yourself.
  • In ammunition and shells, a weight parameter will appear, the value of which will depend on the caliber. Heavy ammunition, such as nuclear batteries, rockets and nuclear mini -charges, can significantly affect the total weight of objects in the inventory.
  • If the maximum permissible weight is exceeded, the parameters of endurance and dexterity will decrease, and the legs will periodically receive damage. Health glasses will also decrease.
  • Enemies will no longer appear on the compass, and the distance at which locations are displayed in which there is something valuable will be significantly reduced.
  • In this mode, the player will automatically receive the skill «Adrenalin» (Adrenaline), giving a bonus to the damage applied. His rank will increase as the number of murders grows. If the player drinks an hour or more, the level of adrenaline will decrease.
  • Two new parameters will appear — Fatigue (Immunity) and immunity. Fatigue will accumulate in the same way as radiation, but it will not be reduced as it increases with HIT Points, but Action Points (Action Points). Immunity will confront diseases that can be infected by consuming raw meat, dirty water and getting damage from ghouls, beetles and some other enemies. It will be possible to cure diseases only using antibiotics that can be bought or created at chemical stations.
  • The player will have to drink, eat and sleep to stay in combat readiness. Ignoring these needs will lead to a decrease in characteristics S.P.E.C.I.A.L., increasing fatigue and reducing immunity, and in extreme cases — obtaining physical damage.
  • Different types of beds with different maximum recreation duration will appear (for example, a sleeping bag will not allow you to get a good rest).
  • Damaged limbs will no longer automatically recover after battles. For their regeneration, it will be necessary to use steampack.
  • Companions will no longer rise in battle on their own. If you quit them without curing, they will return home.
  • In already visited locations, enemies and objects will appear much less often.

It is possible that over the past time the developers have added new, not yet well -known features to the survival regime.

March 22 on sale was the first addition to Fallout 4 — Automatron.


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