A giant deep -sea squid fell into the hands of Japanese scientists

On the morning of April 20, residents of the Japanese city of Obama, in the prefecture of Fukui, found a sea monster on the beach. It was a huge squid, whose length along with tentacles reached 3 m. The phenomenon is extremely rare for these edges, and in general for the world too.

The strangest thing in the find that, according to eyewitnesses, Kalmar was alive at the time they noticed him. But he gave up the spirit by the time of the arrival of oceanographers from the Naval Center Etizen Matsushima from the neighboring city of Sakai, so they did not believe them. This is logical – these creatures are not found alive in shallow water, because they live at great depths, and their bodies are adapted to the high pressure of water.


On the other hand, the squid was in amazing preservation, except for the loss of part of the tentacles. And this gives rise to many questions, due to the fact that an independent creature would not go to the surface. And even more so it would not be thrown to the beach. Most often, these squids become victims in a fight with sperm whales, and then parts of their bodies are thrown ashore, like other garbage. But here is a complete carcass – what happened to him?


Source &#8212 The Mainichi

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