A giant black hole in the remote part of the Universe devours one sun every two days

Astronomers from the Australian National University discovered an object with unique characteristics, to which the name “Star Eater” is asked. But while I had to be content with the boring protocol code smss ~ j215728.21-360215.1. This is a black hole of a hitherto hitherto, which is growing rapidly and absorbs a crazy amount of substance.

According to an approximate assessment of astronomers, this hole is 20 billion. Once heavier than our native sun. And it increases at a monstrous speed, about 1 % every million years, which is equivalent to the absorption of one star, like our yellow dwarf, every two days. Because of this, the darkness, the hole was dubbed “bright”, since the friction of the matter attracted to it creates tremendous emissions of energy and an incredible amount of heat and light.

If we imagine that the “Eater” is in the center of the Milky Way, then we will see a “crazy spotlight”, 20 times brighter than the full moon, the glow of which will overshadow all the stars of the galaxy, and the sun itself. More precisely, we will not see anything, since the black hole emits X -ray radiation, which sterilizes all the surrounding worlds to the base. Therefore, it is good that in fact it is located at a distance of 12 billion. Light years from us.

Scientists believe that this black hole is the peer of a large explosion, this is indicated by its potential age. Then it is not surprising that over the past time it has grown so much, but whether this growth was stable and what objects have become victims of this process? Similar ultra -massive and so fast -growing holes are a huge rarity, astronomers literally hunt these legends of the Universe to reveal its secrets.

Source &#8212 Australian National University

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