A giant hole was found on Mars, surrounded by “Swiss cheese”

NASA &#8212 orbital station;Mro discovered a surface area in the area of the South Pole of Mars, somewhat reminiscent of Swiss cheese. According to some scientists, it can be either ordinary ice or frozen carbon dioxide.

An even greater interest is the mysterious giant dent with a diameter of a few kilometers. Experts believe that this is a meteorite crater or a crumbling pit, which are abundant on Mars.

The mysterious section of the surface of Mars

Ufologists immediately became interested in finding. According to one version, the pit can be a dent at the place of landing of an alien spaceship. The alternative version looks even more exotic. In a giant hole, a monster can dwell, resembling a sarlak worm from a fantastic saga “Star Wars”.

Failure in the ground on YamalFailure in the ground on Yamal

NASA experts, however, do not agree with these versions. In their opinion. This is most likely abnormal failures in the ground, similar to the fact that in many formed in the tundra on Yamal.

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