A giant skyscraper-ring may appear around the Burdh-Halphus

Saudi architects are famous for their original ideas. Currently, in Znera Space, engineers are working on the concept of a unique building, which should become the highlight of the capital of the kingdom. It will be built around the Burj Khalifa-a record holder in height among the skyscrapers of the planet. The height of the structure will be 550 meters, and the diameter – impressive 3000 meters.


If the idea is implemented, a new area will appear in Dubai right in the city center. On 5 floors between the two ring sections will be located office and shopping centers, places for comfortable life and relaxation. There is also a place and Skypark, where a variety of natural zones will be present, from swamps and waterfalls to caves and gardens with green spaces and flowers. The task of this element is to create a favorable environment for people and saturate the air with oxygen.


So far, only the basic principles are defined, according to which this structure will be built and work. So, people will move inside the “ring” thanks to the new railway system, and solar panels will be used to reduce the load on the energy system. It is planned to introduce a rainwater collection system. The project aroused interest, but has not yet received the full support of the authorities and has the status of the concept.


Source &#8212 Znera Space

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