A homemade gun will put a mask from afar on any violator of the regime

Given the number of infections and deaths from the Covid-19, it is very alarming and sad to see on the streets a huge number of people who ignore any requests to put on masks. And this despite the fact that personal protective equipment is proved slow down the spread of infection. Given this, YouTuber Allen Pan decided to take the matter into his own hands and developed the launching installation, which puts masks on the faces of people with well -aimed shots from afar.

Penn used an electromagnetic valve, a cylinder with2 With a pressure of 800 PSI, a pistol from a spray gun and shells with small magnets to create a Mask Gun throwing installation. It works like a grid catapult (which is used, for example, for catching drones) – shoots the mask in the face of the target and wraps the ties around the head so that it does not fall.

After a series of experiments, Pan ensured that his mask gun worked more or less reliably and does not injure anyone. And although the very idea to award all the “anti -Masoers” by means of protection may seem attractive, to shoot people in the face of anything – a very bad thought.

Source &#8212 Engadget

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