A kilometer section of the road from solar panels is open in Normandy

Yesterday is Ruayal, heading the Ministry of Environmental Affairs, Energy and Marine Resources, France solemnly opened the first kilometer section of the road with almost 3,000 solar panels manufactured by Wattway.

The road passes through a small village in Normandy in the northwest of France. It is expected that the panels will generate power, on average equal to 767 kW per day, and in the sunny summer months twice as much – up to 1,500 kW · h.

Solar road

Each panel was developed taking into account high mechanical loads due to the constant movement of vehicles. It is assumed that new panels will be installed annually.

“This trial version made it possible to improve our photoelectric panels and the process of their installation, —The representative of Wattway Jean-Sharl Broeset explained, —This will help to optimize our innovations further “.

The entire structure will produce about 280 MW per year to meet the needs of the local population and transfer the rest of the energy to the Endis State Distribution Network.Related articles:Solar radiation has become the cheapest in the world

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