A house has been developed in China, which is assembled by a wrench in a day

As in most world megacities, housing in the center of Beijing is very expensive. Even a tiny apartment by Chinese standards is a whole fortune here. With this in mind, the Chinese People’s Architectural Bureau has developed a project of a prefabricated house, the construction of which will cost its owner within 10,000 dollars. But most importantly, you can collect it in a day without much experience, with the help of just a hexagonal wrench.

It all started with the fact that Chinese Wang filed an order to the architectural bureau for the construction of an extension to the house of her parents, which by that time had been imperfect. The builders demolished part of the construction and attached to what was left, a residential section that became a small modern house.

Building house

During the construction, frame technologies were used, including insulated modules, an internal and exterior decoration was made, electrical wiring and plumbing were mounted. All modules are interconnected by an integrated locking system using a special hexagonal key.

Building house

Two people will be able to fulfill the assembly —Even a non -professional —in just 24 hours. In general, taking into account the cost and independent assembly, the house will cost the owner 30 times cheaper than the usual commercial project.

Building house

The internal area of the construction of Mrs. Van is 27.8 square meters. meters. The house consists of a living room and kitchen, a small roof terrace, windows that provide good lighting. Due to the lack of sewage system in this area, the house has a dry closet and shower.

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