A large asteroid will pass inside the moon orbit this week

According to scientists, there are no dangers for the Earth, but a large asteroid will pass very close to the planet this week. «Close» — This is a rather relative concept by cosmic standards, but a giant with a diameter of 400 meters will pass between the Earth and the Moon. The path of movement of the asteroid, according to NASA, will approach the Earth at a minimum distance of 324.5 thousand. km.

Asteroid data came from Don Yeoms, which controls the Near Earth Object Program Office in the California laboratory. Asteroid received the name Yu55 and Don Yomen notes that he does not carry threats to the earth. At least not in the next 100 years. Since the detection of the asteroid, NASA spent some time to improve the possibilities of observing it using a telescope.

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Thanks to improvements, NASA hopes to get a relatively detailed image of the surface of the asteroid when it will be closest to the ground. Otherwise, such a photograph would require the services of a spacecraft. Yu55 is classified as an Astroyd type C. It consists of a substance remaining after the appearance of the solar system. Unfortunately, ordinary astronomers will not be able to observe this heavenly body.


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