A hundred retro-game Atari will be released on Steam

Atari announced that this spring, this spring in the Steam digital distribution system, a special set will be released, which includes a hundred of games from the early work of the company. Among other things, the collection, called Atari Vault, will include Tempest, Warlords, Asterids, Missile Command, CentiPede and many other legends of the late eighties of the last century. True, it is not yet clear which versions will be included in the kit: from a home prefix or arcade.

At the same time, we are promised not just an emulation of old versions. Firstly, the source code will be in many ways, which will ensure compatibility with all modern «iron». Secondly, local and online multiplayer functions and ratings tables will appear. Finally, the support of the Steam Controller manipulator is promised and «Improved user interface». The Code Mystics team is responsible for the processing of the classics. The exact release date and price has not yet been voiced. The demonstration version is promised to show for the first time at the Pax South exhibition, which will be held in San Antonio (Texas) from January 29 to January 31.


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