A Hyperloop production plant will appear in Las Vegas

Hyperloop One has announced the opening of an experimental plant for the manufacture of parts of the Hyperloop innovative transport system. Almost 10,000 square meters of factories will be placed in the World Glasts Center.

Recall that in May at the test training ground located in the desert a little north of Las Vegas, successful tests of the key element of the transport system of the future were carried out. The prototype of the electromagnetic engine silently dispersed the slide to the required speed, which served as the impetus for the transfer of the project to the stage of practical implementation.

It is planned that the full -functional prototype of the Hyperloop system will be built until the end of 2017. In the coming months, components of the innovative transport system will be made and collected on the territory of the enterprise. There will also be the TRANSPONICS testing center designed to accelerate Hyperloop modules to the required speeds.

The choice of the place of construction of the plant is not random. Firstly, in the desert there is enough space for placing testing grounds and production facilities, and secondly, the owners of the casino are eagerly included in the financing of the project of the construction of the high-speed line connecting Las Vegas with the west coast.

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