A large American cinema network has banned Google Glass

By the end of the year, Google is expected to release a consumer version «smart» Glass glasses. As the event approaches this event, the question of the need to introduce a ban on using this and similar devices in public places and during driving a car is increasingly raising.

The American network of cinemas Alamo Drafthouse Cinema decided to introduce proactive measures by imposing a ban on wearing Glass during the movie sessions. It is reported that the new rules oblige visitors to remove glasses when attenuating the light in the hall and the beginning of the demonstration of trailers. Of course, you can’t keep video from your hands.

Alamo Drafthouse Cinemo Cinema Tim League says that the possibility of introducing a ban was discussed for more than a year. And when people with Google Glass began to appear in the cinemas, it was decided to limit the wearing of points due to fears associated with an increase in piracy growth.

It is possible that the example of Alamo Drafthouse Cinema will follow other cinemas networks. Typically, in such places it is forbidden to use devices that allow you to make video. In addition, many people express dissatisfaction that the owners of Glass glasses can keep a hidden video.


  • Business Insider

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