A lawsuit was filed against Apple from a user dissatisfied with the Siri system

The Los Angeles Times reports that the second lawsuit in two weeks has been filed in the city district court. In claims, buyers of Apple mobile gadgets say that the actual capabilities of the “virtual personal assistant” Siri do not correspond to the possibilities demonstrated in advertising and consumers believe that Apple deceived them. A previously similar lawsuit was filed against a California company in New York. “The dishonest advertising of Apple diverges with the real functioning and operation of the Siri functions, as evidenced by both the plaintiff’s personal experience and the complaints of other consumers … Siri tool does not perceive the plaintiff’s voice teams or provides the results of the requests for too long,” the lawsuit said. The previous lawsuit with a similar content was filed against Apple on March 12. Both claims say that in the advertising and marketing materials of Apple, the voice assistant Siri looks much more intellectual than in fact. The plaintiffs say that in reality Siri is quite rarely answering the questions posed correctly. Also, both claim requires Apple material compensation. Note that earlier the Internet resource Arstechnica conducted a survey among its readers, within the framework of which 2,800 people were interviewed. 30% of the respondents said that they did not use Siri at all since they did not like it or they considered it useless, 20% say that they use but have quality claims, 22.5% said they were satisfied with this development. Note that today, formally, the Apple Siri system is still in the stage of beta version, which, in principle, allows certain errors in the work.

Source: CyberSecurity

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