A large -scale content update Warframe was released: Sanctuary

Firstly, the competitive mode has been updated, which the developers themselves now call PVP 2.0. Three fresh cards in the module are waiting for us «Capture of Cephalon», Additional tests and awards for passing. Secondly, it will be possible to create a detachment of eight fighters to jointly pass the missions. Thirdly, a new quest called The New Strange is promised. «Something terrible broke free — Highlight this incomprehensible hunter and reveal his secret», — The developers intrigue.

Of the other innovations, an additional warframe can be noted (the so -called game exoskeletons), which players will receive at their disposal. «The lord of the deadly elements of Chroma has the ability to change the inflicted damage depending on its color», — The authors explain. And, of course, wait even more opponents, types of weapons and trials.

Now Warframe: Sanctuary update is available only to PC users. The basic game also reached the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, but the patch for these versions has not yet been released. The release of content on these platforms, as stated in the statement of Digital Extreme, should take place in the next few weeks.


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