A list of 180 countries where Microsoft will support WP8 apparates

Fortunately, the company decided to rectify the situation and told which countries will receive the full support of the Windows Phone 8 MarketPlace Applications store and the appropriate App Hub portal to transfer its programs for consideration and subsequent publication when new generation devices will appear on the market for the first time.

Perhaps the most interesting is the fact that now developers in every country where Windows Phone 8 MarketPlace apps is available, will also get full access to the App Hub portal — This is a very significant expansion of the coverage area compared to markets of only 38 states in the previous version of Marketplace. It is especially pleased that along with Russia, the full support of Marketplace and App Hub will also come to Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan. In the given image, you can familiarize yourself with the list in more detail.


  • Theverge.com

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