A layer with an abnormally low temperature was found in the atmosphere of Venus

The Venus Express research probe, which has been collecting information about the atmosphere of Venus for more than six years, helped scientists to find an unusual layer located at an altitude of about 125 km from the surface. And its unusuality lies in extremely low temperature — about -175° WITH. Such extreme temperatures were not previously recorded not only on hot veins, but also on the land located further from the sun, which also has a less dense atmosphere.

Using the Venus Express spectrometer, the researchers of the European Space Agency (ESA) recorded the distribution of carbon dioxide in heights. To obtain the most accurate information, scientists monitored abroad separating the daytime side of the planet from the night and called the terminator.

Based on the collected data on carbon dioxide and atmospheric pressure, scientists compiled a temperature distribution card depending on the height. At such low temperatures, carbon dioxide should freeze, forming dense clouds with high reflective ability. Similar atmospheric objects were recorded on Venus earlier with the help of the same probe. True, a reliable confirmation of the relationship of bright clouds with an atmospheric layer with a supernight temperature, as well as explanations of the causes of the formation of this «refrigerator» Not yet.


  • ESA

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