A long expedition for the ISS completes the work

At the International Space Station (ISS), the work of the 47th long expedition is completed. According to Roscosmos, members of the crew of a transport manned ship «Union TMA-19M» Yuri Malenchenko, Timothy Kopra and Timothy Peak are preparing to return to Earth.

According to preliminary data from the Ballistic and Navigation Support Support Center for Flight Management, the ship cutting off «Union TMA-19M» It is planned with the ISS on June 18, 2016 at 8:52 pm Moscow time. After the apparatus is cut off until the arrival of the participants in the next expedition, the work in orbit will continue the crew as part of Alexei Ovchinin (Russia), Oleg Skripochka (Russia) and Jeffrey Williams (USA).

The length of stay in the space flight of the crew of the ISS-46/47 expedition will be 186 days. The landing of the descent apparatus is expected at 12:15 Moscow time southeast of the city of Zhezkazgan in Kazakhstan.



On July 7 of this year, the first manned ship of the new modification will be launched «Union-MS». The crew includes the cosmonaut of Roscosmos Anatoly Ivanishin, the Japanese astronaut such an onishi and NASA astronaut Katlin Rubins. Duplicate crew: Oleg Novitsky (Roscosmos), Tom Sand (Eka) and Peggy Witson (NASA).

Note that the ship «Union-MS» received an improved movement control system and navigation, as well as a modernized docking system and internal transition. In addition, the power supply system has been improved: the area and power of photocells have been increased — Solar panels will produce more energy.


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