A line of 16 characters causes an emergency termination of Google Chrome

Recently it became known that a set of 16 characters, which has appeared in the address line, is able to lead to an emergency completion of Chrome. The same thing will happen if the user passes the link with this combination of signs.

Google Chrome users are recommended to save all important pages before testing this error by introducing a set of characters “http: // a/%% 30%30” In the address line.

This error was discovered by the researcher Andris Atteka, who presented a sequence of 26 characters that can lead to emergency termination of the browser. Using the information provided by him, other researchers presented a shorter line option.

Technically, this mistake can be called the vulnerability of the refusal of maintenance, but Google refused to pay the researcher for his find, since it practically does not pose a threat. The error works when using Google Chrome in all supported versions of Windows and Mac OS. Mobile platform users were not affected.


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