A mask for firefighters with a built -in thermal imager has been developed

One of the main problems that firefighters face is poor visibility inside buildings covered by fire. According to the Western Association of Fire Protection, most accidents with firefighters do not occur from flame, but due to smoke and poor visibility.

In the dark or in pitch smoke, it is likely to suffocate, fall from the stairs, fall into the formed hole or step on not de -energized bare wires.

Last week, SCOTT Safety from Indianapolis introduced a firefighters SCOTT Sight firefighters, equipped with a whole complex of devices that allow you to work in conditions of poor visibility. These include a compact camera with a thermal imager, working in real time with a display inside the mask.

Thermal imagers appeared back in the 90s and saved the lives of thousands of firefighters. However, they have serious shortcomings: they are dear, bulky, inconvenient in the implementation of complex manipulations with fire equipment. However, the new mask is deprived of these shortcomings.

Scott Sight

The built -in camera is shooting with a resolution of 150 x 120 and a speed of 9 frames per second with a broadcast on an internal display. According to Scott, the camera has a lens equipped with light filters with a thermal video system with the most wide coverage. Battery is enough for 4 hours.

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