“Hacking” firmware Sony Google TV (video)

The Google TV platform works on the basis of Android and allows you to view sites using appropriate equipment and work with Internet resources on a wide television screen. In a video published on the Internet, a member of the AndroidForums team under the nickname Apeman shows how to get the so -called Root access on the device from the Sony Internet TV line, after which the user has the ability to perform many different operations on the Google TV platform. At the same time, the mentioned Apeman user managed to access the recovery mode and the corresponding menu. Although this is not a full -fledged functionality that allows the owner of the Root account in Unix such systems to perform all the operation without exception, but clearly a step towards its implementation. For ordinary users, if briefly, obtaining a ROOT access to the Google TV network platform on devices supporting it means, including the possibility of downloading drives from USB, as well as adding applications made “on the knee” to the service.

Source: CrunchGear

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