A multiplayer game with neuro interface for VKontakte

It is assumed that players will use a special headset that can register in real time a number of physiological indicators. This device will allow you to read the user’s emotions and broadcast them on a game character.

«We strive to create a training and developing system that marks the introduction of a new mechanism for controlling the gaming environment, the behavior of the object and the perception of content. The system created by us — This is a multineur interface», — Project participants say.

Russian developers say that there is no neuro interface on the gaming applications market that would fully comply with consumer wishes for the utilitarian properties of equipment. Typically, such gadgets use electroencephalogram recognition. A new domestic product will be able to register a large number of indicators: a skin-galvanic reaction, a myogram, pulse, temperature and so on. Based on the data obtained, the conclusion about the psychophysiological state of the user will be made.

The game is created with an sight on a social network «In contact with. The multineur interface is planned to be used not only in entertainment, but also for training purposes. It is expected that the test version of the product will appear in 2017.


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