A miniature helicopter-pipe will help the British military in Afghanistan

A miniature helicopter-pivot was received to the aid of the British contingent in Afghanistan Black Hornet (PD-100 PRS) developed by Prox Dynamics.

The intelligence drone must help the platoon commanders before the start of the battle. Miniature dimensions and lack of noise in flight make a tiny helicopter almost invisible to the enemy, but the enemy itself will be at the same time as in the shelter, even being in the shelter.
Remote Control
Tactical and technical characteristics of a mini-vertebral: weight 15 grams, diameter-120 mm. The device can fly at a range of up to 1 km at a speed of about 40 km/h.

A rotary camera is installed on board the reconnaissance drone, it also has an autopilot function with an orientation in the space by GPS. Management is carried out using a small tablet.

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