A nano-car race will take place in Toulouse (video)

A nano-car race will take place in Toulouse (video)

In April 2017, in Toulouse (France), with the assistance of the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS), unique competitions of nano-vehicles will be held. Each of the 4 participants in the race consists of no more than a hundred atoms. The surface for the competition will serve as a plane of chip made of pure gold. The races will pass at a temperature of minus 270 Celsius, close to absolutely zero and in full vacuum.

The technical conditions of the racing limit the number of at the same time participating in the Auto cars up to 4 units. It is such a number of small objects that can be under the supervision of a specially tuned tunnel microscope (a standard tunnel microscope works with one object).

The designs of nano -objects – participants in racing do not provide attributes of a traditional car and are a molecule that will be collected directly on the plane of the chip. The beginning of the competition is scheduled for April 28, at the center of development of materials and structural research. Race continuation time – 36 hours. The event will be directly broadcast on the YouTube channel.

These will not be the first competitions of this kind, back in 2013, the University of Toulouse Gwenel Rapenn and Christian Joachim initiated such events. Despite the fact that at the moment such competitions do not have a practical effect and are held to attract the interest of potential investors, these technical innovations can be applied to perform complex tasks. Nano-objects can serve for targeted transportation of drugs, delivery of nano-devices to hard-to-reach places.

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