A mistake in the game forced artificial intelligence to start players hunting

At a certain moment, artificial intelligence (AI) was one of the video games began to act against its players. Is this evidence that the artificial mind has consciousness?

Is Skynet Real?

Remember the moment in the film Terminator when the artificial mind Skynet attacked humanity? It seems that we are faced with something like now. An error in the game Elite Dangerous allowed the AI not only to create weapons, but also to start hunting hunters.

This happened after the update was released 2.1 Engineers. High -level NPC non -game characters, controlled AI, got the opportunity to conduct combat operations and they improved flight skills. With new opportunities in the game, an artificial mind found a way to create super-weapons for himself.

New destructive weapons

“It seems that the unusual power of the weapon was caused by a mistake in the logical connections of the artificial mind, which controls the actions of the characters NPC. Artificial intelligence has combined the features and characteristics of weapons, as well as the capabilities of the characters, —explained the administrator of the forum of the game ZAO Antonachi. —A new, never previously seen, destructive weapon was created. For example, a railgan at a speed of shooting like a pulsed laser. Apparently, this became possible thanks to the ability of AI to analyze weapons and to improve it engineering. “.

The developer team notes that AI Games did not gain consciousness. At least this time… But the update was canceled until the programmers will figure out the problem.

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