“Grammir 2016”: harsh Dwarf everyday life in The Dwarves

Literary roots are well visible in the presentation of history. The characters are explained by a colorful living language, and in the dialogs there are many retreats describing various details: from the cunning smile of the interlocutor to fascinating landscapes. Involuntarily recalls Pillars of Eternity, the authors of which used the same approach.

Movement in the world of the game occurs using a global map reprising with active points. Not every of them is a location: in some «nodes» dialogue can occur, others will simply spend your resources for travel (food) and will not give anything interesting in return. And there is a chance to stumble on an ambush or mini-scene. For example, the hero notices the raven, circling nearby. If you choose an option «Go behind the birds», You can find several corpses in the curb. Here you have to make a choice again — Either get away from sin away, or carefully search the place of the tragedy, find useful things and launch a secondary quest.

When it comes to fights, The Dwarves is able to surprise. We control, as it is easy to guess by name, for the most part gnomes. Each has several unique combat techniques, the activation of which is spent energy. But you can only accumulate it in contractions. This motivates to act aggressively and use skills wisely. Despite the view from above, the characters are very pleasant. Each blow with a heavy hammer is perfectly felt, and axes are deliciously immersed in the flesh of the orcs. In addition, a strong accent is placed on physical interaction. Small enemies are realistically scattered from powerful waves of weapons, so that they can, for example, be discarded.


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