A neural network was created in the SIBGMU to determine hidden blood loss

Russian experts from SIBGMU (g. Tomsk) created a neural network with which domestic anesthesiologists-resuscitators will be able to determine hidden blood loss-even many highly qualified doctors with extensive experience are not capable of their timely definition, so the development is of high importance.

The neural network processes all the data from the sensors of medical equipment, to which the patient is connected in the operating room or resuscitation, analyzes the obtained indicators and allows doctors to determine the serious condition of their patients caused by the presence of hidden blood loss after surgery or available injuries.

It should be noted that the assistance that is not provided in a timely manner in the presence of hidden blood loss usually leads to various complications, and the neural network developed in the SIBGMU, for the training of which almost 40,000 patients in intensive care were used, allows them to detect them at a fairly early stage.

The use of AI algorithms and the management of large amounts of data in intensive care units is considerable potential in terms of improving the quality of the medical care provided. And if abroad a number of countries on the digitalization of resuscitation departments have reached almost 100 %, then in Russia this figure is about 2 %.

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