“House with horrors” is postponed

The head of the Rick Dakan studio says that all gameplay content and planned functions are included and work. Does not allow to release the product only a huge number of bugs. But it will not work to fix them, as both programmers left the team. There is nothing to hire new employees, since the funds received on Kickstarter were spent.

When one of the programmers announced his desire to leave, it was decided to release a network beta, while the second code would finish the levels and displayed artificial intelligence. But, apparently, he did not want to work hard alone and found another place of work. But Rick still does not give up and is looking for a studio that will undertake to finish Haunts. He is currently negotiating with Blue Mammoth Games.

What to do to those who invested money in the project, but now have lost faith in it? «We will definitely finish the game, but you will have to wait a little more than it was planned before. But I don’t ask you about it», – Says Rick. «I will personally return the money to everyone who wants to return the invested funds without any questions».


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