“Grammir 2016”: Photosarisions from the exhibition

The focus on «Gamere 2016», As usual, there are games and gaming equipment. Developers and manufacturers attract visitors as they can — who is original stands and entertainment program, who is the opportunity to try the novelty right on the spot, and who are pretty girls. In this small photo surveillance, we offer to look at the exhibition through the eyes of 3Dnews correspondents. Photosaribes with Igarmira 2016201.jpg202.jpg203.jpg204.jpg205.jpg206.jpg207.jpg208.jpg209.jpg210.jpg211.jpg212.jpg213.jpg301.jpg302.jpg303.jpg304.jpg305.jpg306.jpg307.jpg308.jpg309.jpg310.jpg501.jpg502.jpg503.jpg504.jpg505.jpg506.jpg507.jpg


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