A new crew went to the ISS on board the ship TMA-22

November 14 at 08:14:04 Moscow time from the starting complex of the site 1 of the Baikonur Cosmodrome, the space of the space -purpose rocket (RKN) was launched «Union-FG» with a transport piloted ship (TPK) «Union TMA-22» (commander: Anton Cabberry (Roscosmos); Bortiners: Anatoly Ivanishin (Roscosmos) and Daniel Burbank (Daniel Burbank, NASA). After 528 seconds of flight launch vehicles TPK «Union TMA-22» It was regularly separated from the third stage of the pH in the orbit of an artificial Earth satellite. Docking TPK «Union TMA-22» with the International Space Station is scheduled for 09:33 Moscow time November 16.

Three cosmonauts on board «Union», The 28 expeditions of the commander Mike Fossum (Mike Fossum, NASA) and the satoshi Furukawa, JAXA) and Sergey Volkov (Roskosmos) will be replaced on the orbital shift, — They will return to Earth on November 22. The duration of the new crew at the station – 124 days.

From left to right: Ivanishin, cabiners, Berbank

During work at the station, the astronauts will conduct 37 scientific experiments. One of the most interesting and significant will be the collection of deposits from the outside of the ISS elements, which will then be sent to Earth for analysis. The study of particles will establish what exactly settles on the panels of the station, how it affects the condition of the casing, and whether the station will be able to work in the orbit of the planned service life – Until 2020.

Research microsnutnik & quot; Chibis-M & quot;

No less interesting will be the launch of the micros «Chibis-m», as well as conducting the second stage of the biological experiment «Typology». For launch 40 kg «Chibis» The satellite will manually be installed on board the truck «Progress» And, having plucked it from the ISS, they will raise the orbit to 500 km. There «Chibis-m» will separate from the truck and start the study of physical processes for thunderstorm discharges in the earth’s atmosphere, and worked out «Progress» will get off orbit and burn. Experiment «Typology» aimed at studying the typological features of the operator activities of the ISS crews at the stages of long -term space flight. His first stage was held on Earth. One of the components of the experiment is computer games. Anatoly Ivanishin, who is experimental in this experiment, will play games, sitting in the hall with view of the ground.

In addition, the share of the 75-thousandth round of the station around the Earth will fall to the share of the crew approaching the ISS. Cosmonauts plan to celebrate this event with a festive tea party: «We will gather together at the festive table, drink tea with some kind of “delicious” that will be sent to us from the ground, maybe we will watch some movie, discuss it», — Said the closet.


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