A new budget SSD Goodram CL100 came out

Wilk Elektronik S.A., Polish computer memory manufacturer under the Goodram brand, replenished its range of SSD discs with the new CL100 series — an economical solution to increase PC performance with a limited budget.

The Goodram CL100 drive is built in memory of TLC Nand type and two -channel controller. This configuration allows you to achieve a 20-fold speed increase compared to the traditional hard drive, while ensuring the stability of the work and the long service life. CL100 is also great for installation in new computers, completely satisfying the requirements of everyday tasks.

Goodram CL100 disk in formfactor 2.5” Equipped with the SATA III interface. Its height is 7 mm. A 2.5 mm exterator is attached to the disk, providing its compatibility with both new and less modern computers. Thanks to this, CL100 can be used to upgrade an outdated PC, as well as as a main data carrier in a new computer.

Goodram CL100 is available in versions with a capacity of 120 and 240 GB. A three -year -old warranty with free technical support is provided to the disc throughout its validity period.


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