A new device for stimulating hair growth can easily fit under a baseball cap

Engineers of the University of Wisconsin-Madison (USA) have developed a device for stimulating hair growth, which generates electricity from user body movements. The gadget is so compact that it can fit under a baseball cap.

Treatment of baldness by electribogenesis (stimulation of weakened and “sleeping” hair bulbs using an electric field) is not innovative. Its main drawback is the presence of bulky devices and a limited capacity of batteries.

While the efficiency of the new device has been checked only on mice. The next stage is to check its ability to interact with human cells. At the same time, researchers clarify that the device they created is intended, rather, for the prevention of baldness —That is, it will be effective at the earliest stage of hair loss. The technology, unfortunately, is not able to reproduce new hair follicles in the structure of their skin completely lost.

The commercial prospects of the new device can only be discussed in a few years, since the patented technology has yet to be tested in public.

Catching device

Source &#8212 University of Wisconsin-Madison

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