A new mode and a training ground have appeared in Armored Warfare “Alabino”

«Collision» offers gamers large -scale military operations on a unique map with changing tasks. In this mode, battles occur on huge locations and are limited by 15 minutes, while you will have to fight not only with another team, but also with the third aggressive side under the control of AI. To win, you need to bring the number of points on the enemy counter to zero, while retaining your. IN «Collision» After the destruction of the car, the players do not return to the hangar, but re -revive in battle. Special support mechanics will be available to users for the implementation of secondary tasks: air jacket, calling the drone, the use of anti -tank bunkers. The first regime card is called «The gate of the desert»: The teams have to fight for control over the aircraft carrier standing in the dry dock exactly in the middle of the battlefield.

With the exit of the update in Armored Warfare, a virtual version of the training ground also appeared «Alabino» — famous training tank platform. There, players can test any equipment available in the game, including not even bought premium tanks. In addition, at this training ground you can study interaction with other tanks of the same level, find their vulnerable places.

Also patch 0.18 added c «Armored Warfare: Armata Project» Improveed wheel control on crossed areas, a buried hangar, a processed interface, updated shaders and historical descriptions of tanks. A complete list of changes contained in this update can be read on the official website of the game.


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