A new map and changed turbosvin, reaper and McCri are available on Overwatch test servers

The card will be available in mode «Capture of points» — that is, the rules on it are the same as on «Hanamura», «KB Volskaya» And «The temple of Anubis». On test servers, she will stay about one week, after which she will appear in ordinary and rating modes.

In addition, some characters have changed a bit. The developers have improved the absolute ability of McCry — Now aiming begins after 0.2 seconds., not in 0.8 seconds. And the damage gained in the first second after using the skill increased from 20 to 80.

The reaper will no longer collect the souls healing after the murder of opponents — From now on, he receives 20 % of health from the damage inflicted on enemies. Well, among the injured heroes was Turbosvin — The damage of his weapons decreased by 33 %;but it will shoot 30 % faster, the bullets in the clip will become 5 instead of 4, and the size of the head will decrease by 20 %. But killing opponents after Turbosvin caught them with a hook will become much more difficult.

Other innovations concern mainly the interface. For example, now in the menu you can see your general statistics, and not study separately each mode and competitive season. Also, the costumes of Genji and D were added to the boxes when receiving a new level.VA, who previously gave for the game in Heroes of the Storm. Other changes can be read on the Overwatch blog.


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