A new stage of testing of the KAMAZ electric bus begins

PJSC specialists «KAMAZ» (included in the state corporation Rostec) took part in the meeting on the development of a new type of passenger transport in Lipetsk. It is expected that soon the city’s tests will begin in the city «KAMAZ-6282».

Car «KAMAZ-6282» Designed jointly with the Russian scientific and technical company Drive Electro. The peculiarity of the electric bus consists in equipping with lithium-titanate (LTO) batteries that have a number of advantages compared to all other types of batteries used in Russia and partially abroad.

The electric bus is adapted for low -mobility passengers. It has a low floor level, equipped with video cameras and satellite navigation. Total capacity of the cabin — 85 passengers.

Batteries are charged from an electric network with a voltage of 380 volts. Stroke on one 20-minute recharging — 100 kilometers. The maximum speed is 65 km/h. An electric bus can be operated at a temperature of up to minus 30 degrees Celsius.

The test operation of the electric bus began in May 2016 in «Skolkovo», Then continued in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Now the tests will be held in Lipetsk.

The main advantages of the electric bus over transport with the internal combustion engine are the environmental friendliness, noiselessness and efficiency in operation. The public transportation program is valid for the acquisition of this transport.



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