A new way of “struggle” with annoying drones (video)

New way & quot; struggle & quot;With annoying drones (video)

Quadrocopters are becoming more popular and more accessible to wide consumer masses. But there are people who are annoyed by uninvited air guests trying to shoot them on a video camera. Earlier there was an incident with an American who shot down a drone from a shotgun over his house, for what he got to the local police. Now the fisherman tried to do a similar trick with his fishing rod. Tais Ledbetter was shooting a pier in San Diego on the Pacific Ocean. His drone flew too close to the group of fishermen who actively actively on the pier. One of the men did not like such a guest, and he caught a quadrocopter with a masterful throw of his fishing rod. True, the fisherman could not plant it – the drone broke and flew away.

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