A new vulnerability was found in Apple iOS 4.1

IPhone communicator users very often resort to blocking with a password in order to protect against unauthorized access. Thus, you can protect the information stored in the device’s memory from prying eyes, if, for example, you need to leave the iPhone for a long time in the locker room of the pool or sauna. However, a similar method of protecting personal data on the iPhone is not a panacea, and outsiders can easily circumvent the lock function using the vulnerability in iOS 4 firmware.1. The English portal Engadget presented a video that clearly shows how, with the help of a simple combination of action, it allows access to the Phone application through this, for example, access to the call list on this iPhone, as well as the voice mail and the phone book. It is reported that such a result can be achieved on the models of the iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4. In addition, by choosing the Share Contact option and by pressing the camera icon, you can access the photo album. The specified procedure should work not only in iOS 4.1, but also in the beta version of iOS 4.2.

Source: Engadget

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