“Instant Articles” Facebook became available to everyone

As in the case of Accelerated Mobile Pages from Google, «Instant article» is a HTML5 document using several special tags. Publishers can add text and images to such articles, as well as a slide show, audio receptions, cards and videos. Obviously, support is also present «Likes» And comments Facebook.

«Target Facebook — Connect people with stories, publications, videos and photographs that are of the greatest meaning for them», — The company said. «Opening access KO «instant articles» will allow any publisher to tell excellent stories that are quickly loading, people around the world. CO «instant articles» They can do this, while holding control over experience, their advertising and their data».

To date, there are already a number of plugins for WordPress and other contents control systems that automatically generate the correct tape «instant articles». Also, publishers will now be able to publish native advertising as such articles, visually highlighting it with the help of styles and sponsorship logos.


  • Techcrunch

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