A patch with a new card and changes in the balance sheet came to Overwatch

The map located on the territory of the scientific base on the moon belongs to the regime «Capture of points». «The main goal of the colony was to study the influence of long -term stay in space on people and primates. The results were extremely promising… Until one fine day, the connection with the base has not broken off, — It is said in her description. — Now, many years later, the commands should return to the moon and seize control of important objects of the colony… and at the same time find out what happened to its previous inhabitants».

Changes in the balance of heroes presented on test servers a few weeks ago are now available to all users. Turbosvin inflicts 33 % less damage, but shoots faster, and in the clip of his weapons 5 shells instead of 4. McCry focuses focused focused on the target when using «Night arrow», And the reaper replenishes 20 % of health from the damage inflicted by enemies.

Users who missed a joint campaign with Heroes of the Storm can now get Genji and D costumes.VA from boxes or buy them for loans. Also many changes appeared in the interface. In particular, general statistics collecting data from all modes have become available. And data on the damage applied no longer take into account the shields — Now only damage is considered to be enemies. Other details can be read on the Overwatch forum.


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