A person is able to cause controlled hallucinations without psychotropic substances

The human brain is so slyly arranged that random damage or malfunctions in the work of the neural network can give rise to large -scale effects that do not harm a person, but vice versa – cause a lot of new sensations. We are talking about hallucinations, influences on the sensory system that stem from the inside of the brain itself. Modern technologies allow us to purposefully run such reactions without harm to humans.

The methodology of controlled hallucinations is based on the effect of Hanzfeld, which states that when the brain receives a powerful stimulating signal in only one area, it automatically begins to “think up” signals in other areas. For example, if you peer into the darkness and listen to the white noise, the brain will draw an imaginary picture, although the eyes do not get a photon of light. And if you start interference on the screen in absolute silence, then the brain will complement them with sound hallucinations.


One of the interesting experiments with controlled hallucinations was conducted by TV presenter and inventor Derek Müller, who locked himself in an amiho and completely darkened chamber for 45 minutes to conduct an experiment on sensory deprivation. His brain, which at once lost 90 % of signals from the outside world, retained full performance, and Derek did not go crazy. Moreover, in the absence of external stimuli, he began to feel the subtlest vibrations of his heart and blood flow through the veins. This was not a hallucination, simply the brain switched to the processing of those signals that remained at its disposal, strengthening them and presenting them in the form of sensations that were understandable to the mind.

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