A photo of a new secret fighter of the Chinese Navy appeared on the Web

Recently, military experts drew attention to the media photo of the Chinese fighter FC-31 Gyrfalcon (the previous name J-31), developed by Shenyang Aircraft Corporation and having a large external similarity with its famous American predecessors-F-22 and F-35.

The fighter first “lit up” in 2012 and after that was nearly 10 years in the shade – according to the official version, all this time experts eliminated serious problems with its engines. And so, last year there were signs that the F-31 could be adopted by the Chinese Navy as a deck fighter, but already under the mark of J-35.

FC-31 Gyrfalcon

From overseas prototypes, he “inherited” the front part (like F-35), flat tail plumage with two engines (like F-22), internal weapons compartments and three chassis racks.

In all likelihood, the FC-31 will be based on the third aircraft carrier under construction for the Chinese Navy. In total, the NOC PLA in the future will have six aircraft carriers, four of which will receive FC-31.

According to experts, China (taking into account American experience) is very pragmatic and careful about equipping its fleet by aircraft carriers: firstly, it is extremely expensive, and secondly, for modern high-precision weapons, bulky aircraft carriers are a beautiful target.

FC-31 Gyrfalcon

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