A pre -order and announced the release date of Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice

A game, the development of which stretched for about three years, will be sold at a price of $ 30. In the Russian Steam segment, it costs 769 rubles., And on PS4 — 2199 rub. The owners of pre-orders of the PC version will receive as a gift a digital comicck Hellblade: Senua’s song;A dynamic topic for the console will be a bonus on PS4.

The authors explain the low cost very simply. «Hellblade will take half as much as the completion of the usual aaa-game, and therefore it is sold at a reduced price», — They say. 20 people worked on the project, and their task was «Get the boundaries between large -budget blockbusters and games from independent developers».

«In the Viking era, the exhausted Celtic warrior goes to the terrible country of the dead to fight for the soul of a deceased lover, — The description is said. — When creating Hellblade: Senua’S Sacrifice authors relied on the experience of neurobiologists and people suffering from mental disorders. You will find immersion in melancholic rage and upset consciousness of the warrior Senui».


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