A powerful cryobatary is being built in Britain, which will store energy in the form of liquefied air

In the UK, a new project is gaining momentum, which promises to become the largest energy storage system in Europe. This is the HighView Power Cryobattory complex at 250 MWhhh, which uses cryogenic technologies to turn the air into a liquid that can store and give energy for a long time.

Cryobattery is planned to be built near Manchester. The system will capture atmospheric air, squeeze it and cool to supernarial temperatures at -196 ° C. Under such conditions, the air becomes liquid and it can be stored in the heat -insulated low pressure tanks. When you need to get energy, the liquid heats up and quickly turns into gas. The rapid expansion of gas allows you to rotate turbines and generate electricity. The technology is easily scale, while the system is much more durable than traditional batteries.

HighView Power

HighView Power has already built two demonstration installations in the UK, however, the future 50 MW/250 MW MWs in Carrington Villed near Manchester will become the largest of all. The project has already received a grant from the government of £ 10 million. In addition to the installation itself, he covers the construction of a visitors in the neighborhood for visitors. The work is already underway, and the visit center should open in the first quarter of 2021. CryobatTery itself should go to commercial operation in 2023, its calculated capacity will be enough to feed 50,000 houses with energy for five hours.

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