Early access to CarmageDdon: Reincarnation will open on March 27

Gamers who donated money for the game through Kickstarter will gain access to the simulator two weeks earlier. The company’s employees have not yet called the cost of Carmageeddon: Reincarnation. In June 2012, more than $ 625 thousand were collected for the new Carmageeddon. An additional $ 3.5 million studio received from the founder of Bullfrog Productions of the Edgar Forest (Les Edgar). Funds will go to adapt the game for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

«This time we simultaneously develop and publish a project. This will fully realize all the ideas that we could not implement 17 years ago. Players will receive a more bloody race», — The studio employees said.

CarmageDdon: Reincarnation will be a familiar gameplay that encourages pedestrians and destruction of opponents. The first series of the series appeared in 1997, and the latter in 2000 (Carmageddon 3: TDR 2000). The recently published video showed that CarmageDdon: Reincarnation is at an early stage of development.


  • Gamespot.com

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